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Pizza Movie Review

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Posted 20 October 2012 - 05:11 PM

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Review by : AK Content Team

Starring : Vijay Sethupathi, Remya Nambeesan
Direction : Karthik Subburaj
Music : Santhosh Narayanan
Production : C.V. Kumar

Every now then there appears a dark horse in the horizon, and naturally we tend to completely failto notice its arrival. When it inches closer and you have taken a good look at it, you realize how jawdroppingly brilliant it is - how striking, how freakish and terrific it is. This week’s release Pizza is one suchmovie. Karthik Subburaj and his bunch of motley crew come up with a terrifically (that’s two terrific inone para, just a hint how impressed we are with the movie) crafted paranormal thriller that there is nota moment of tedium in the movie.

It’s a rarity for paranormal horror and thrillers to appear in the Tamil movie scene, thanks to theconviction that such movies have no takers. Well guess what, without Karthik proves that without muchfanfare or starry names a movie can be accomplished with the sole strength of its script and storyline.And so he does, in a tautly written and neatly performed movie with crisp editing, extremely supportivebackground score and much more.

The whole movie revolves around a pizza delivery boy played by Vijay Sethupathy. His peaceful life andrelationship are disrupted when he stumbles upon murders, one after the other, in one of his pizzadelivery expeditions. He couldn’t realize what’s happening with him and the presence of other spookycharacters – like his boss’s daughter – and the missing of his girl friend - with whom he has a live inrelationship - also confuses him.

Anything more than this synopsis is sure to ruin the movie watching experience. Rest assured, Karthikis a talented director – who has had his share of fame on the internet with his short movies – and heknows how to handle a subject of this stature. The neatly written screenplay doesn’t leave anything toyour conclusions and keeps you occupied throughout the end. While you are busy biting your nails andholding on to the arm rest of your theatre seats, the movie explodes into an unpredictable but brilliantclimax after the breakneck speed narrative that runs for about 130 minutes.

If you are a keen thriller fan, you would find very slight traces of other Hollywood movies – especiallysixth sense – but those are the faintest of the whines anyone could have about the quality or originalityof the movie. And if you question the logic of a pizza delivery guy having a live in relationship with asophisticated, paranormal-fiction-obsessed pretty girl, you will be stuck at the beginning of the movie.Actually, you won’t be. Because you have no time to think about all that in this fast-paced edge of theseat thriller (to use the cliché)

Vijay Sethupathy as Michael and Remya Nambeesan as Anu are the film’s central characters and theyhave done nothing less of a sparkling performance. The shortcoming of their pairing (owing to thelack of chemistry) does not thankfully come to the fore since their dismay is on display as the hauntedcouple. Aadukalam Narain and Pooja are other noteworthy actors who have had noteworthy supportroles.

Perhaps one of the best aspects of the movie is its background music by Santosh Narayan. Although itpartly, invokes the feeling of the sinister Hollywood movie Shining, Santosh’s music is original and henceplays an important part in the movie’s narrative. So is the editing that has left no flab in the flow. Theopen ended climax leaves it to your imagination and that’s probably a best way to end a movie thatbuilds in so much tension during its run.

Watch Pizza if you want to be treated with a thriller that hasn’t been seen in Tamil for a long, long time.

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